Arcturus, A Name Written in the Stars

It’s been a busy week developing a new logo, brand and WordPress website for Arcturus Wealth Management. I’m a great fan of ‘A’ oriented business and domain names – hence my own Asi-Asi – and Arcturus is a shining example of a super name; suggesting longevity, quality and heritage.

The first task for any designer developing a brand is to get an understanding of it’s business* and name. Names can reveal logo and branding possibilities you might not ordinarily consider. A Google Seach revealed Arcturus is derived from the Ancient Greek, and means ‘Guardian of the Bear’. It’s the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere, situated in the constellation of Boötis, and located next to the Greater and Lesser Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. And here you were, thinking designers just coloured in, well its Professor Havenhand to you readers now!

Armed with my newly gained knowledge, taken from the superb Wikipedia, I set out to design a logo which would support a wealth management business, one smart enough to have a super name illustrating its conservative approach to finance, an essential quality in 2012 and onwards. Illustrated here is my step by step approach to designing the logo and the considerations made during the process. Click here to view this image in a larger size.

I’m pleased to say I completed this project within the week – from initial concepts drawn on 20 January, to a live and living website by 25 January. Well done me and my client – and thank you (my client) for making designing for you an easy process!

*Business-wise I have an extensive background working for the financial services sector, for investment banks, legal firms, independent financial advisory oriented businesses, and business publishing. I’m not scared off  by financial or legal terminology and I have a knack of making even the driest of subject matter interesting – promise, try me! If you’d like me to work on your logo, brand or website, then please email me at

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