iPad Envy

Okay, I admit it. I’m a designer and I do not own an iPad, or an iPhone, and just a broken iPod, which doesn’t really count. I like to think the reason is that I have a mortgage and a bad habit of paying extortionate electric bills. More likely it’s because I’m also a grown up, trying not to jump on the latest accessory craze, so far avoiding a Louis Vuitton handbag and a chihuahua.

Normally the craze for some bit of kit wouldn’t bother me, but after a recent trip to London and visiting the Apple Shop in Baker Street and playing with said iPad, and doing that strange thumb thing clumsily, I realised me and an iPad need to become a partnership. Even more so, today.

Richard Branson launching Project magazine in New York. Photo by Mike Segar/Reuters

Because … only just reaching my radar is the impending iPad Media Wars about to explode between serial entrepreneurs and media magnets, Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch. Today, Richard launched ‘Project’ , a new revolutionary multimedia magazine built especially for the iPad, and promising all singing, all shiny, slick, fabulous, gizmos in magazine delivery/content and adverting. Slow up the rear (I hear) is Rupert with a battalion of journos and techos building the first iPad only newspaper, called The Daily. And all I can see is an online web image of Jeff Bridges, in a Men in Black suit, smugly looking out from the screen, with no access, any area for me to see on my PC.

So, what’s the big deal about the iPad? With 40 million sales forecast to be built and sold by end of 2011, the iPad promises to bring (amongst other things) truly portable, multimedia entertainment and real time content as immediately accessible to people as a mobile phone, in a format as legible as a monitor.

If you have an iPad you can download the free app for Project and then get Issue Number 1 which includes a full month’s worth of updating content including videos, galleries, music and daily updated content, all for £1.79 via iTunes. (NB: Times that by 40 million and it no wonder Mr B can afford to take the whole family day tripping in Space).

Read more about Richard Branson’s iPad Project magazine here.

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