It’s Good to Talk

As a well known and renowned chatterbox – frequently told I talk too much -  its great news to me the spoken word, along with ‘augmented reality’, is now the medium of the future, an exciting add-on to make a business stand out from the crowd. Check out this video to review what I’m talking about.

The results of the video has been achieved with Dunhill’s hook up with Aurasma, ‘the world’s leading augmented reality platform’, who with their business partner MediaCom – are about to – and this is no understatement – revolutionise the advertising campaigns of some of the world’s leading brands.

Part of this platform appears to be the use of a technology called QR codes, which have, apparently, been around for a while, but marketeers have struggled to work out ways the technology can best benefit both the consumer and the brand – or so says The Direct Marketing Voice, who have a interesting post on QR Code Best Practice and Considerations.

Well it seems luxury brand Dunhill’s might just have cracked it, by demonstrating their slickly branded brochure and smooth brand champions in this YouTube video. A quick review of Dunhill’s website sees they have a current campaign, ’Voice’. I’m sure Aurasma platform has led this campaigns direction.

For a more accurate description of what this is and how it works, then make sure you visit the Aurasma website for the real, true information!

If someone really smart could transfer this imagery into a 3d, fully breathing version of a George Clooney or an Ashton Kutchner then I’d be seriously impressed. Love the idea of multitudes of these two appearing in my living room any time soon. [*Pass the remote, George, love!*].  For those who say I chat too much, I promise if you supply me with the latest, fabulous smart pad I promise I won’t talk to you until said smart pad is pointed at me.

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