Blooming Marvellous, New Greeting Cards Business is Just Puuuurfect!

Daisy Sprockett is a brand new range of photographic greeting cards that celebrate nature. The stunning photographs are taken by the very talented Carole Seawert, and reflect her love of flowers, animals and the natural world. She’s called her new venture Daisy Sprockett because that’s her cat’s name. If it was my business then it might be Henry Havenhand – who is one of my cats – and likely the cards would feature a bottle of wine, my bed and, er, more cats – my three main loves!

Carole needed a logo and brand design and a basic website to kick off her business. She loves colour and photography and the first choice for a logo was a daisy. We then realised a camera shutter lens had a floral presentation, and also looks like a wheel – so the ideal symbol encompasses three elements of her business activity and name plus enhances her logo, a handwritten logostyle in the style of the Daisy Sprockett – a clever cat who really writes like this! The symbol works well as a range of stickers too.

As well as designing the logo and brand, I’ve built a very simple WordPress website with a gallery feature which shows the first 20 photographs of her first collection of cards. Carole and I also worked together in putting together the greeting cards artwork.

Carole’s new to the greeting card business and is testing the market at Christmas Fairs in London – at a stall at Southwark Cathedral’s Christmas Fair on December 3 (noon to 5pm) and also at a Christmas fair at a school in Parson’s Green on December 10 (11am to 3pm), where she will have her first 20 greeting card designs on show. Her plan is to develop this into a range of 50 designs and to launch to the trade in May 2012.