All Heart! My Recommended Web Hosting Solution

I’m very happy to recommend HeartInternet for Web hosting to all my clients. HeartInternet is one of the UK’s biggest web hosting companies, and their industry-leading web hosting products and services continue to raise standards. They have web hosting plans for websites and businesses of all sizes, so whether you’re building your first website, looking for powerful and flexible web hosting without limits and advanced ecommerce hosting, they have a solution to make your website work.

I like them because – once you get the hang of it :) – they have a good website interface, which is easy to understand on where to find and do things, clear to use extend control panels, their 1-click WordPress installations, and their noticeable ‘ahead of the curve’ development of products you’ll want before you even know you’ll want them – ie, their ‘exclusive iPhone Control Panel’ - not something I’ve clicked onto yet!

The very best reason though is that in 3 years of using them I have found their Customer Services Support to be absolutely brilliant, really helpful and knowledgeable with a very quick response time – real time help when you’re working on a project – say within 5, 15 or 20 mins – rather than 2 days later. They’re top of my league and provide real support to my business. *you guys :) – I owe you a beer!*

So, therefore I’m happy to associate them with my business and put on this post. If you’ve found this info reasurring and are going to use HeartInternet for Web hosting then please click on my banner graphics here – I’ve signed up as an affiliate to them too – and I might earn a little commission.