WooHooooo! Luxury Partners Makes the WooThemes’ Showcase

Much to my delight my website for Luxury Partners has made the WooThemes showcase, and I’m really pleased! Luxury Partners is a strategic brand and event management consultancy. They deliver intelligent and creative marketing solutions via product and brand partnerships within the luxury sector. I have designed the logo and brand identity plus built a customised WooTheme using the ‘Inspire’ professional theme, which provides fantastic cutting-edge WordPress functionality and a slick appearance to compliment Luxury Partners stylish image.

Check out Luxury Partners and WooThemes below. Even better, contact me if you’d like me to build you a beautiful WordPress website like this!

A Ray of Light

Living in Spain is many people’s dream scenario and, for many, day to day life is mainly as they expected. A beautiful country to live in with warm sunny days throughout the year, friendly fellow ex-pats and Spanish people, an interesting culture, an active social life (to name but a few). According to the HSBC’s 2010 Expat Survey - although Europe is the hardest place to make friends, Spain is the easiest of the European countries to make friends in. Sadly, its not always easy to have a friend to hand when you’re facing real difficulties, especially in a country which is not your own and you may have limited language or procedural knowledge.

A new charity – A Ray of Light Charity - has now been set up to help people in trouble in Spain. Their aim is to provide humanitarian support to people sufferering difficulties, irrelevant of religion, creed or nationality. They plan to help children, teenagers, abused women, old people, people who are in prison and families of people who are in prison, not purely in financial terms but also in setting up professional, advisory and expertise to help with problems.

I have just completed a logo and brand identity for them, plus built their WordPress website using the professional WooThemes’ Canvas theme. Logo wise, I was keen to incorporate both the English and Spanish names of the charity, plus the charity number. I considered how this logo might look applied to different mediums, for instance, not just their website and letterhead – but how it might look on, say, a vest of a runner who might be raising money for them for charity.

Inspired by the rays of sunshine which filter through the clouds on the darkest of days I have chosen a bright golden yellow as their main colour and supported this with a black, grey and white colour pallete. Yellow highlights black and white photography, plus colour photograpy.

I was keen to ensure the brand was not limited to just a designers’ ability, and by introducing a variety of photographic and illustrative styles, the managers of the charity will not ‘break’ the brand by not using, say a black and white photograph, yet professional designers can build on the brand to produce distinctive professional supporting collateral.

As someone once said, “Life’s to short to stuff a mushroom”, and so it is for a busy, responsible charity worker to waste their time fiddling for the right type of photograph – and anyway, that’s my job!

If you are interested in the A Ray of Light Charity, need help yourself, or can give them any support to them, then please contact them via info@rayoflightcharity.com or visit their website www.rayoflightcharity.com.

Ship Shape and Gibraltar Fashion

Very pleased this week to complete another project for WorkITGibraltar, Gibraltar’s social media experts, for their client Fiduciary Marine Services Limited. As a regular collaborator on WorkIT’s WordPress website team, I’ve designed this new website, using the professional StudioPress Enterprise theme as a basis, and the Fiduciary Group’s existing brand identity and photography. Using Adobe Photoshop, I created an accurate, pixel-perfect visual of the website, for approval purposes by WorkITGibraltar and their client’s, prior to the actual site build. Once confirmed it was what the client wanted the WordPress website was built by another team player, specialist WordPress developer and code tweaker, WPFab.

All hands on deck!
Once WPFab had the website in place – and whilst hidden from public view – the team worked intensely on the site, inputting content, uploading newsletters and documentation, tweaking code and installing plugins and widgets – and on my part, creating graphics to illustrate page content and making recommendations on how the layout of certain content might appear better.

Precious Cargo - (ha, you’re recognising a nautical theme here, I hope!)
One of the things which makes WordPress so brilliant to work with is its massive scope of plugins which will do clever things you just want the site to do! A new favourite of mine, installed on this site, is the fantastic Download Monitor plugin which is used to manage content and measure how many times a particular document is downloaded. This we’ve used for Fiduciary Marine’s Communiqué newsletter download page. Thumbnails and a content list of each newsletter has also been included so readers can download the newsletter they need.

Shipping News!
Fiduciary Marine Registration website is a harbour (groan!) for the latest marine news. A clever page has been coded by WPFab which pulls in RSS feeds from the shipping sector’s industry news sources.

The Crewcouldn’t resist
Thank you WorkITGib and WPFab for another pleasurable and collaborative project, which was just ‘plain sailing’ …

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