Yeo Valley Milks the X-Factor, Repeat

Well there’s only one thing I love more than the X-Factor and that’s a business opportunity grabbed, recaptured – and heck – even being owned. That title goes to the Yeo Valley team – who’ve made the ‘opportunity their own’.  Delighted to see the first ad in this year’s X-Factor live shows are the brilliant Yeo Valley team back with a goooorgeous boy band – especially the ‘hairy farmer’. Will write a big review on this … but for the record, here’s my post from a year ago. Enjoy!

Yeo Valley’s 2011 Advertisement


2010 Yeo Valley Campaign

‘Big Up Yer Chest’ – you’ve heard the best – the rapping dairy famers from Yeo Valley – a producer of organic yoghurts and dairy products – are registering more impact and buzz on social networking networks than the show itself. Strategically placed 2-minute long ads during the X-Factor breaks have registered over 9 million impressions in the first week of showing on Twitter, with repeat impressions for the following broadcast.

The ad features 4 v good looking farmers (and Ted the Owl) strutting their stuff and rapping in a hip-hop spoof, filmed at the real Yeo Valley farm, whilst looking like an ad for Burberry. Facebook fans are campaigning to make the Yeo Valley Crew No.1 single for Christmas, with the tune downloadable from iTunes.

This campaign is the genius of advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, definitely an agency who gets the UK ‘yoof’ market. Rosie Arnold, the BBH Deputy Executive Creative Director, talked about the idea of the campaign: “What we wanted to do was make Yeo Valley Organic popular for everybody. We wanted to make people pronounce Yeo Valley correctly and get everybody talking about it. So that’s how we came up with the rap idea.” Check out below ‘The Making of The Yeo Valley Ads’ which shows a behind the scenes peak of making the ad, the talent involved and discussion of the concept.

Here shows the actual completed ad, delivered by YeoTube! – yes, really, it’s that kind of detail which separates the farmers from the flock – and at date of posting has been viewed by 1,287,129 viewers:

Humourless critics have called the ads cheesy – for a dairy ad I’m sure they’re delighted. As Simon would say, ‘I don’t like it – I love it!’

Ted the Owl
Just discovered, Ted the Dancing Owl in the ad is actually named after Ted, a hand-reared orphan owl who is cared for by one of the conservation team. Aaawwwh! This alone is enough to make you want to eat their yoghurts. Apparently his dance moves are the real thing and not a camera trick. It is common for them to do this as they are both long and short sighted and this helps them get their focus right.

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